Jethro’s Naga Fire wins 1st prize at the Great Dorset Chilli Festival

Jethro’s Naga Fire wins 1st prize at the Great Dorset Chilli Festival

Every year at the Great Dorset Chilli Festival, producers can submit their products for blind taste tests carried out by members of the public,¬† chilli enthusiasts, who are visitors to the show. The products are then judged and awarded marks. We are delighted to report that this year we entered our Naga Fire sauce into the hot chilli sauces category at Great Dorset(28th to 29th July, 2018) and it won first prize. We are so proud of this achievement as Naga Fire is a new product and our only hot chilli sauce. We knew how much customers had been saying they liked it but we still didn’t expect to win the first prize with so much worthy competition.

Producing Naga Fire certainly has its challenges. After learning the hard way, now-a-days we also glove up, don goggles and face masks before we start to mix all of the ingredients to make Naga Fire. Although the end product is not extremely hot, (we stopped at just hot), when the naga chillies and ghost chillies are being blended into the mix they can be very lively.

Naga Fire is a great hot dipping sauce and marinade. It also cooks extremely well and can be used to make an extremely tasty curry, chilli con carne or spicy fajitas. As with all of our products it is dairy free and vegan friendly. Naga Fire is gluten free and also boasts zero added sugar, with the delicious sweetness coming from the wonderful Dorset Naga Chilli.

This award is very special to us as we don’t enter any of our products into the Great Taste Awards, which we don’t feel our right for small artisan producers like ourselves.

You can order Naga Fire from the Our Products section of the website

Naga fire is available in handy 100ml bottles as well as our normal, larger, 250ml bottles


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