Artisan Bundle 2




PICK ANY 6 SAUCES from our full range, in 250ml bottles

PICK ANY 4 SEASONING BLENDS, ranging from 20g to 40g packets

PICK ANY 2 INFUSED OILS in 100ml bottles

Create your own selection:


Select from our wide range of delicious goodies and we’ll give you a great deal in our bundle packages. We may have stopped producing and are on lock down at home. However, we have plenty of stock – prepared for a busy run of shows that have now been cancelled. So, we’re introducing our great bundles to make Jethro’s products even more attractive.

BUNDLE 2 includes:

SAUCES – Pick any 6 sauces from our full range

SPICES -Pick any 4 of our 8 spice blends

OILS – Pick any 2 of 3 infused oils

Create your own selection of 6 delicious sauces, 4 seasonings and 2 infused oils from our extensive range. This would normally cost £37 plus postage, but we are offering all of these goodies for just £29.99 and we’ll even throw in free delivery.

All of our products are delicious original recipes made with the finest ingredients, with the emphasis on taste. You can select chilli or ginger sauces, or why not try one of our dressings like Irish Whisky or Cranberry Vodka.

All products are vegetarian and vegan friendly