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Personalise your own sauce lovers box by picking 4 varieties from the 14 tasty varieties available. The perfect gift for any food lover or great for you to out our sauces in smaller bottle sizes. All products are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

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Make up your own selection of four delicious sauces, dressings or marinades from our extensive range to create a superbly original and different present, making this the perfect gift. But why just gift such delicious creations – our smaller bottles are great for you to try out our sauces. All products are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Perfect to bring great flavours to meat or vegetables. Great to cook, stir fry, marinate, roast or simply drizzle and dress. All sauces are made in our small family business, hand made in small batches. We will never be found in a supermarket and people love our flavours.

Recipe ideas are included with all of our products.

Select any Four products from the drop down menu


Sticky Barbecue- This spicy and rich barbecue sauce is ideal for use in cooking as a glaze, marinade or addition to gravies, stews and casseroles. Just a teaspoon or two in your gravy mix will really work wonders but don’t get carried away unless you want spicy gravy. Perfect for pulled pork, BBQ smoked ribs, chicken and beef.(V VG)

Cajun Lime Jalapeno-complex spicy flavours. Tantalise your taste buds by adding to stir fries, casseroles, well just about everything really(V,VG).

Ginger Soy Molasses-sweet blend of teriyaki and hoisin flavours. Glaze, marinate or stir fry(V VG)

Lemon Chilli Coriander-Aromatic spices, fresh garlic and lemon. Multi award winning marinade is sensational used as a marinade for chicken, tofu, vegatables or fish. (V VG GF)

Lime Chilli & Oregano – Taste all of these three flavours in this refreshing and lively sauce that is perfect for adding zing to fajitas or stir fry. Use as a marinade for chicken, lamb, pork and for vegetables. (V VG GF NS)

Dressing & Sauces

Ginger Chilli-Sophisticated and spicy.Great for stir fries(V VG GF)

Ginger Lime-Mouth watering blend of crushed ginger, lime juice and green pepper.Dipping &stir-frying(V VG GF)

Ginger Orange-Dipping sauce with fresh ginger, orange, red wine and mint. Designed for duck but delightful as a dressing for salads.(V,GF)

Grandpa Joe’s Smoky Chipotle- Appreciate the mild and deep smoky flavour whilst using as a sauce, drizzle or mild marinade(V VG)

Green Chilli & Garlic – (formerly called Green Chilli and Coriander) this delightfully light sauce has a great depth of flavour but when we say its our mildest chilli sauce, it is really mild with a litle hint of chilli warmth right at the end of the taste. A rich garlic flavour and perfect for dressing salads, rice, cous cous. Why not soak some mushrooms in it and roast them in the oven.(V VG GF NS)

Irish Whiskey Mustard-Rich grain mustard dressing with Jameson’s – for grown up leaf salads(V VG GF)

Naga Fire-Hot and fiery. Despite the heat, several layers of smooth flavour. A must for anyone who likes hot sauces but still appreciates great taste. Since its launch in 2018 it has won numerous awards including a Great Taste Award, not bad for a sauce with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.(V VG GF NS)

Nom Nom Chilli Sauce – Red chillies, spices a small hint of ginger and garlic. A little bit of sweetness complements this really tasty sauce and will leave you with a nice warm feeling. Add to onions and tomatoes to make an exceptionally tasty pasta sauce. Drizzle over noodles, baked potatoes, chicken, vegatables and well just about anything to make every meal taste great.

Red Chilli Garlic–Fresh and spicy flavours with cumin and basil. Versatile and tasty. Use to make peri peri chicken or patatas bravas: fry cubed potatoes, drain and dress with red chilli sauce(V VG GF NS)

VG – Vegan, V – Vegetarian, GF – Gluten Free, NS – No added sugar

Each sauce comes in a 100ml glass bottle with attractive Jethro’s label. The bottles weigh an average of 230g and are 14.8cm high x 4cm in diameter. Gift Pack Size H15 x W17 x D4cm

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